The Redzen


JAM LIKE HELL! But it took only 6 hours of improvising rehearsals to have plenty of amazing tunes to be managed.
Just three sessions in Milan, Italy, which last a couple of hours, where every band member didn't know what to play, but only playing, jamming and improvising with passion and skill.

Many days spent on arrangements till they reached the right shape, and then the recordings started at Incanto Studio on May, 2010. First Roberto Leoni on drums, second in line Nicola Della Pepa on bass, and Ettore Salati and Angelo Racz did the rest proceeding on parallel lines.

Angelo also mixed and mastered the whole album, which is produced by The RedZen. Ma.Ra.Cash Records already knew what the guys were working on; the band and the label almost immediately signed a deal for the release of the first RedZen album.

Finally, on 2nd February 2011, "Void" is released for Ma.Ra.Cash, with worldwide distribution. It features eight tracks, plus a bonus one, with special guest Joe Sal on vocals.

The Tracklist:
01 Cluster (6.18)
02 Hot Wine (6.09)
03 Slapdash Dance (6.19)
04 Alexa In The Cage - vocal version (5.45)
05 Into The Void (5.45)
06 Who's Bisex? (5.16)
07 Return To Kolkata (7.53)
08 Spin The Wheel (5.09)
09 Alexa In The Cage - instrumental version (5.46)

Ettore Salati: electric, acoustic, 12-string guitars, sitar, dulcimer, bass pedals
Angelo Racz: piano, organ, mellotron, synths
Roberto Leoni: drums, percussions
Nicola Della Pepa: bass

It's 54 minutes of pure instrumental fusion progressive rock, played with passion and amusement. Kicking rhythm section, powerful guitars and rich keyboards for tunes influenced by  Return to Forever, Ozric Tentacles, Weather Report, Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yellowjackets, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Genesis, Planet X, Tribal Tech, King Crimson, OSI, Colosseum and many others.
So the original compositions cross the border from power fusion to prog rock, adding a touch of jazz and psychedelia!

Hard prog fans and jazz-rock lovers will have much good time listening to "Void", which has to be considered almost like a live album, due to its power and immediacy...
and being so, you can imagine what a live show by The RedZen is!

Many thanks go to the band's friends and collaborators, first of all to Marco Schembri, previous bass player, withou whom they couldn't have started their activity. To Chiara Babini and Markus Sotto Corona (photographers), Alessia Giangrande (artwork), Joe Sal (guest vocals), Marcella Arganese (press), Massimo Orlandini and DOmizia Parri.

Void Out Now!
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