The Redzen


The Redzen

The RedZen is a project born in 2009 in Italy under the sign of Roberto Leoni, Ettore Salati, Marco Schembri and Angelo Racz, and devoted to instrumental progressive fusion music. The band members are well-known musician in the prog-fusion world, and they finally met together after having shared different projects which led them to play in world-distributed prog releases and perform live in whole Europe, U.S., South America, Japan. 

Roberto Leoni is founder member of the band of The Watch, and had shared 7 years' job with them, together with Ettore Salati and Marco Schembri. They played on three studio albums together and gigged all over the world. Angelo Racz, famous italian session musician, had already worked with Ettore in Karl Potter's band and is well-known also for being an important orchestra conductor for rock operas. Nicola Della Pepa, another well-known session musician, is currently playing in live shows with Roberto. 

After a couple of jam-sessions as a trio, keyboard virtuoso Angelo joined the line-up; some months later, Marco decided to leave the project and Nicola Della Pepa brought his bass lines into the sound. The band was ready: the keyword has always been "JAM LIKE HELL!", and everything is born under the sign of each guy. Almost immediately some surprising tunes came to life, and the production of a release started.

The RedZen are also a stunning live band. The show displays great musicianship, developed by Leoni's devilish rhythmics, Della Pepa's roaring basses, Salati's grinding riffs and Racz's jazzish virtuosity.Versatility and improvisation drive a "take no prisoners" live schedule.

The very first tune released has been "Alexa In The Cage", a special edition featuring vocals by guest singer Joe Sal, which will be included in "Dante's Paradiso" compilation by Colossus/Musea, published in Fall 2010.
And on January 2011, the first full-length album "Void" is released for Ma.Ra.Cash Records with worldwide distribution.